Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hot Water Music in the studio.

I landed in Gainesville, Fl. the morning of Jan. 11th after a red eye flight from home, got picked up by old friend George Rebelo before we walked straight into Black Bear Studios to begin recording the new Hot Water Music record.  It's been a little bit since we've headed to the box like this mainly due to timing and scheduling between four individuals constantly on the move in their own directions.  We've got a strong group of new tunes that have us all pretty pumped up and looking forward to our second release on Rise Records out of Portland. which will be engineered by our buddy and owner of the studio, Ryan Williams.  The fellas and I rendezvoused for writing sessions, sent countless tunes and ideas back and forth while Black, Wollard and Rebelo living close to each other have done a ton of groundwork together after those sessions.

From the first chords and beats ringing out this past week of pre-production, we all had the feeling we were on the right track.  It's never until we all get into the same room together that we can really tell if a song is worth it's salt.  Or if we can really tell what condition the surplus of songs are in and if they'll hold up.  Once we got the train moving, it all fell into place.  Rebelo is playing better than I've ever heard him play and building a solid foundation that these songs will live on.  Jason Black as always has his way of being so in the pocket with George that I find myself in their rhythm and forget about the fact that they will explode and put me on the floor at any given moment.  I feel damn lucky to have had the opportunities to play music for so many years with such an incredibly distinct and talented rhythm section.

Chris Wollard never ceases to amaze.  He's been my favorite guitar player for over a couple decades now and it's always uplifting to be reminded and witness the reasons first hand.  After we already had a good batch of songs we were dialing in this past year or two, Wollard flew out to my stomping grounds to continue the process.  We kept trucking on the existing material and came up with some new ones as well.   

Energy is high, vibes are good so to say the least, we're stoked to have this new record underway.  We owe everything to our loved ones for standing by us all these years of us continuing this path.  Without their support, we would've run out of fuel quite some time ago.  Our fans have been a constant inspiration as well.  A beautiful community of music lovers that share the same vision and ethics that this band was born into and continues to share through songs.  Thank you for all the years of support and always going above and beyond the call whenever it came to making it to our shows to sing your hearts out.  Our gratitude is much more than what I could ever put into words.  We'll be trucking along in the studio and looking forward to getting everyone some new music soon.  Until then, stay tuned and keep it together!

Our last record Exister was released May 15th, 2015 if anyone missed that boat or is interested in checking out where we left off.  Find out more news and updates at http://hotwatermusic.com

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